12- Short Stories Composed Individually

Torts of the soul

Torts of the soul is an excellent book to help readers spend more time in self-realization and eventually enhance themselves through the beautiful experience the author shares with us. With twelve individual and stand-alone stories, this book helps readers and aids. It supports men and women to learn better about emotional and mental health while understanding every character and implementing virtues to each character or sins committed by humankind.
It is a great support and a great read. However, one can understand it easily through delights in itself.

12 Short Stories Composed Individually

Sins of Secularism

What are we living for? Is it the afterlife? What purpose do we serve as humans or Christians? The descendants of Ishmael and Issac struggled to comply with God’s Laws. But no matter the commitment or efforts, sin can only be overcome after the resurrection, and salvation is received through Jesus Christ. The short stories are about normal modern characters living common lives like all of us, and they are affected by their friends, family, government, and cultural surroundings. So how do you deal with your living circumstances and situations?
This book helps spread awareness for you to live a better, joyous, and more virtuous life.